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Top Games Like Harvest Moon With Exciting Story Lines

Harvest Moon has earned a high reputation as one of the best farming games. It enables role-playing activities and mode which are relevant to farming. It is known as one of the leading agriculture stimulating games. Plenty of people are fond of this game. If you are feeling bored, play these games, and you are sure to enjoy the exciting storyline as well as great visuals. You can browse into thegreatwar.net/top-15-farming-games-like-harvest-moon.For playing these games. Here is a look into different types of farming games which are similar to Harvest Moon and can remove the dullness in your life:


This game features striking retro graphics in an extreme environment. You will gain success in exploring, building, digging and fighting the way as you play this game. Game is an action-packed game full of adventure which allows you to savour the resource crafting and gathering features of the game. As you play this game, you will be able to explore the dangerous caverns, filled with resources and treasures which will help you in creating unique items for the inventory. 


Wayward is another famous name in the catalogue of games. It is considered to be the perfect blend of Don't Starve, Ultima Online, Minecraft and a part of Harvest Moon. More than three hundred unique products are available here which will be useful in crafting and interaction, for the addition of game play time.

My Time at Portia

If you intend to download this game, you can refer to Android modified games. It provides an immersive and delightful world to the players. As you play the game, you will be assigned tasks for the storage of the neglected workshop of Pa. Players will require fulfilling the commissions, raising the animals and growing crops. You will get different options for levelling the character and enhancing their skills in combating and crafting.  You are sure to forget your boredom as you play this game.

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